Monday, April 9, 2012

Android - Change Device Android_Id

This application allows you to change the Android_Id of your device, backup your current Id and generate a new one, it also helps to switch between ids easily as you can save new ids, when first run it automatically saves your original id. you can also manually type your id.

The id is a 64-bit number (as a hex string) that is randomly generated on the device's first boot and should remain constant for the lifetime of the device. The value may change if a factory reset is performed on the device, or when you flash a different Rom.

Some applications use this id to uniquely identify your device, and might stop working when you restore them to a newly flashed device with a different id, that's when you can recover your old id using this app.

Also some applications only allow you to have one account per device, but by switching your id you can have more than one account in your device.

The change of Id needs to reboot your device.
Contact me if you need help or have some issues.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Change Hostname on Android Devices

Changes your device host name on the network, so instead of having "andorid_AEF78f8e9d0h45" you can specify whatever name you want and it will stay that way until you restart your device.